Wheel Parts

We are one of the professional China manufacturers work at wheel parts. The following items are the relative products of the wheel parts, you can quickly find the wheel parts through the list.

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  • spacer for VW Audi BMW

    this type of spacer is fitted between the wheel and hub, using class 10.9 high strength loner wheel lug bolts to bolt on.

  • dual pattern wheel adapter

    multi-use adapter.
    class 10.9 high strength studs.
    there are two PCDs for hub, can use one of them to mount.
    Al6061 4-axis CNC made.

  • GM 1500 leveling kit

    suspension parts
    3-hole spacer, silver anodizing finished.
    32mm leveling kits. with class 10.9 extension bolts and nylon ring locking nut, washer.

  • two pcs convert adapter 4-lug to 5-lug 4-114.3/5-114.3, 4-100/5-120

    The conversion adapter is CNC lathed to fit over the hub,
    can change from 4 to 5 or change 6 to 5 bolt pattern, 5 to 6, 5 to 4 bolts pattern.

  • 6x139.7 to 4x100 wheel adapter 6x5.5 to 4x100

    from 6 lugs to 4 lugs. 6-139.7/4-100 one pc conversion adapter

  • conversion adapter 6-5.5 to 5-5.5

    6-5.5/5-5.5 convension adapter, bright silver anodizing
    Two piece conversion adapter will allow you to put rims on vehicle with different lug pattern

  • convert wheel adapter 4-114.3 5-114.3 4-4.5/5.4.5 4-100

    convert from 4 lugs to 5 lugs pattern, one pc style.studs nuts and key are all specially made.
    4-114.3/5-114.3, 4-100/5-100, easy to fit in hub.

  • ATV billet adapter round with studs pressed 4-110

    T6/6061 aluminium alloy ATV billet adapter, bolt pattern: round 4-100, 4-110, 4-136, 4-144, 4-156 with studs pressed.

  • color anodizing wheel adapter

    T6-6061 aluminum made, any color anodized finishing can be choosed.
    eye-attrative for high performance car.
    grade 10.9 wheel knurled studs.

  • gloden anodizing finishing adapter

    1. color anodizing.
    2. studs 100% inspection of verticality.
    3. grade 10.9 high strength studs.

  • aluminum plastic hub ring

    Aluminum made hub centric ring, anodized finishing. or PE plastic hub centric ring

  • grey style finishing spacer

    5-120/5-112 dacrome style finishing spacer
    Gets different offset and lug nuts holes rims
    Bolt on rims with different offsets and lug nut holes

  • 4-110 4-156 atv spacer race product new

    1. 4-110, 4-137, 4-156 25mm, 30m, 38mm, 45mm, 50 ATV spacer race style.
    2. 10.9 high strength studs M10x1.25, 3/8. flange washer nuts

  • screw type wheel stud

    both-end thread studs: black or zinc plated. screw type wheel studs, with or without alley key design.

  • knurl stud L57mm length

    made by automatic cold extrusion machine,grade 10.9, with good concentricity.
    Diameter: 11-15 Inch, zinc plated 40CrMo wheel studs

  • OD 67 hub ring

    Aluminum or plastic made hub centric ring, aluminium anodized finishing.
    T6-6061 aluminum is made by CNC, silver anodized.

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